• GPS Fleet Tracking System

GPS Fleet Tracking System

Our Fleet tracking system provides location tracking services which enables businesses track and manage their resources in real time. Our real-time services can be quickly integrated in your existing systems enabling you to save time and money and run a more efficient operation. Our on-demand information, activity reports and quick alerts enable intelligent business decisions to be made quickly and efficiently.

The areas we serve are:

Fleet Transportation, GPS enabled school buses, Ambulance transportation, BPO-KPO Employee Transportation, Cash Transportation, Solid waste Transportation etc.

Features include Live Tracking, Location on map, Vehicle summary map, Over Speed, Engine ON/OFF, Battery Disconnect Alert, Ignition ON/OFF, A/C Monitoring System, Distance Report, Idle Report, Trip Details

Apart from the vehicle tracking we are also offering the following solution in the same device by configuring the various Digital / analog port.

  • • Brake Health Management
  • • Fuel management System
  • • Still camera for surveillance purpose


  • • Engineering Hardware like Analog and Digital interfaces, Engineering Software like SCADA solutions.
  • • De-hydrators (thermal conductivity) used in food processing industry.
  • • Various Agro products used in cosmetics, medicines, food supplements etc.
  • • Laboratory Equipments, Solar panels based systems.
  • • Portable Mosquito Killer with no refilling, no smoke, no electric shock hazard.
  • • Projects requirements like Flameproof Junction boxes, Cables, Cable Trays, accessories, Intrinsic safe (IS) equipments.

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